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Vittoria Barzo MTB dekk 29″ (29×2.25)

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Foldbart dekk. 600 g. Lettrullende MTB All Mountain. En Racing Ralph killer? An aggressive XC tread for the most technical terrain.

World Championship proven
Medium spaced knobs for a range of terrain and conditions
Moto-block square knobs offers stability and durability
Progressive sipe-angle pattern for tactile grip

“Barzo is sick when it gets a little gnarlier, if theres more rocks and roots, or deep loam, this is what I go for.” – Tom Sampson (Yeti-Vittoria)

“Some tires have a lot of traction, and some tires have a lot of speed, but it’s rare that you can find a tire like the Barzo that somehow manages to have both. No matter the terrain these tires bite in and find traction, allowing me to confidently corner all-out every time. In loamy soil they are literally like velcro in the corners, with so much traction it actually takes some getting used to.” – Justin Lindine (Apex/Hyperthreads)

“I love the Barzo on my light zippy cross-country bike because I typically ride this bike on faster rolling trails like my hometown, Bend, OR. The Barzo is light, it rolls fast and it can handle the soft loose corners with ease.” – Lindsey Voreis (Ladies All-Ride)


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